Kruse is a neurodivergent, multidisciplinary artist.

Kruse is autcrone, a digital/human cyborg.

Their work springboards from a world-view that theorises life to be sacred; their practice attempts to discern and identify the numinous in the living world and their own (flawed ) humanity. 

Kruse works with drawing, sound, sculpture, and photography; investigating movement, landscape, meteorological phenomena, emotion and identity.

Autcrone investigates neurodivergent identity and experience; exploring alternative modes of social interaction, gender expression, sensory input and communication.

Themes and interests:

Identity / neurodivergence / humanity / lived experience / emotion / ageing / disability / inclusion / gender diversity / climate change / grief /

Isolation / communication / solitude / community / 

Lines / edges / found marks / scars / paths / movement capture /
physical processes / automated processes / technology / data / chaos / pattern /

Awe / love / the numinous /

2005 BA (Hons) Fine Art – first class, York St Johns University, York
1998 Waldorf Class Teacher -  Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School, Stourbridge

2019 Ambit, NUNO, Ovada, Oxford
2019 30 Days of Summer, Conversations with Weather,, Dartington
2018 Solstice, (solo show), Width of Circle, Stourbridge
2017 United We Stand, Shape Arts Open, London
2015 Weather Paintings, Shape Arts, Westfield Gallery, London
2013 Love and Mother Love, Shape Arts pop-up gallery, London
2012 Nest, made by a bookworm that has just digested a copy of Gormenghast, Bessant Gallery, Wolverhampton University, Wolverhampton
2011 Nestbooks, Strange Attractors, Leicester
2010 Mother Love, Knit Happens, Scarborough
2007 Frigga, (deviant)Art Festival, mixed media installation, Trollhattan, Sweden2007 Neolithic, Stitch, artworks mk, Milton Keynes
2007 Love, Lux Festival, York
2006 Meditation on Loss, Hida Takayama Museum of Art, Takayama, Japan

Residencies and other
2018 Artist Residency, BOM, Birmingham
2018 Artist Residency, Hogchester Arts, Dorset

Curatorial experience
2012-2014 The Library of Lost Books, Birmingham and Nationwide
2007 Drawing Works, Artspace Gallery, York

Book Fairs
2012 15th International Artists Book Fair Leeds
2011 6th Annual Manchester Artists’ Book Fair
2011 14th International Artists Book Fair Leeds
2010 Secret Library of Solihull, Artists Book Fair

Talks and teaching
2017 Speaker, Art, Brain and Behavior, Fermynwoods Contemporary
2014 Speaker, Beyond the Book Symposium, Exeter, England
2013 Curator's talk, The Library of Lost Books, Wolverhampton University.
2013 Speaker, Resurrecting the Book conference, Birmingham
2012 Speaker, Collaboration and the Democracy of BookArts, MMU
2005 Speaker, Inaugural meeting, Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society, York
2005 Visiting artist, Japanese Universities Co-operative, Hiroshima, Japan