Illuminating the Invisible 2018

My work is about making visible the hidden drawings that I see in natural phenomena; tracing the paths of things.

I work with materials and processes that are formed through natural conditions; that are expressing hidden movement or have come into being through a transformative process.
Although I have an interest in physics and mathematics, the work itself is playful and unconcerned with framing the outcomes within traditional scientific criteria or naming practices.
I am attempting to answer the question; is there Deity?
I am not interested in God. I am not interested in religion.
i am interested in the notion of deity, the presence of the numinous by gathering data about the world around me.
What if Deity is speaking to us through the phenomena of the physical world?
When we stand in a beautiful landscape, what is it that causes us to feel inspired?
I hope to cause my audience to discern the numinous by making visible things we might not otherwise ever see; the shapes birds ‘draw’ as they wheel in the sky, the drawings tree branches scribe in the air on a stormy day, the patterns rain makes as it falls on the ground.

This work is essentially expressing mathematics made visible, the physics of the world and maybe the voice of the Divine.

Walking informs a lot of my practice and is a fundamental part of my daily lived experience.
I feel spiritually connected to the landscape of Britain and am interested in the long history between the landscape and humans

I currently use very lo-tech materials to capture drawings.
I use a metal construction called the Weather Station, which I use to make drawings outside with ink on paper. I use this to capture images made by wind, rain, ice and sun.
I’ve created a lo-tech drawing apparatus that can be worn in a rucksack and which records movement made through walking, running etc.
I call the capture of these walking/movement drawings, drawing events.